Artists and Guests



Inspired by his South African roots and the culture of San Francisco, owner and operator Oliver has curated a unique and modern style of black-work tattooing. With reflections of Tibetan influence, sacred geometry patterns, and integrations of natural elements, his designs resonate with a broad audience of clients from all walks of life. Oliver has been tattooing for several years across California.


Oliver's books have limited availability. You can follow more of his recent work via his Instagram and find booking instructions on his website.



Cho is best known for her bold lines and brightly saturated, graphic color-work. With a love for animals, space themes, pets, and pop-culture characters, Cho brings a unique palette to every tattoo.


You can find more of Cho's work via her Instagram and submit booking inquiries via her website.



Cat enjoys working with color saturation and vintage-inspired themes. She often has a running list of concepts she’s excited to work on, and is also happy to hear your ideas! She accepts a variety of tattoo ideas that fall into the creepy, weird, cute, and victorian of nature.


You can find more of Cat’s work via her Instagram and submit booking inquiries via her email



Tyler splits his time between San Francisco and Tulare, and wherever he goes he brings his signature geometric style. Dark arts of all varieties inspire his moody blackwork and sharp pattern blending, and he’s always happy to work on new projects.


You can find more of Tyler’s work via Instagram and submit booking inquires on his website.

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Bio in the works! In the meantime, check out her Instagram.

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Becca is our lovely apprentice. Check out her Instagram to see more work, and hold tight for more info!


Guest: Anüshka

We’re excited to have Anüshka with us October 15th through the 19th! Check out their Instagram to see some previous work and available flash, and hit those DMs to ask about availability and booking.

Guest: Madison

We’re happy to have Madison with us again October 17th through 19th. She’ll be working on a three day collaboration with Oliver - look out for pictures on Instagram!

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Guest: Catherine

Catherine is visiting us all the way from Montreal! She’ll be here November 6th through 9th. Catherine loves to do custom work, so reach out via Instagram with your ideas and to check out more of her work.


Guest: Andrea

Andrea will be at the shop November 20th through December 4th. Be sure to check out his Instagram to see more clean, ornamental work! Reach out via Instagram for booking information.

Guest: Arturo

Arturo is coming to town from Spain for a two day collaboration with Oliver. The dates are set for December 10th and 11th, be sure to check out check out our Instgram for photos! You can see more of Arturo’s work on his Instagram.

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Guest: Enigma Geometricks

He is visiting November 26th through December 1st. Be sure to peek at his Instagram to see more work, and reach out for booking via email at


We're Hiring

Want to be a part of our team? Email us at with your social media information and a few images from your portfolio. We look forward to hearing from you.